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As seen on TV. Click here to see our TV commercial. U.S. Buildings steel buildings and metal buildings are cost-effective prefabricated buildings used for commercial, agricultural, industrial, and residential applications. Whether You're an individual seeking to build your dream workshop or a major corporation in need of additional space our steel buildings kits and metal buildings are the perfect solution. Our portable metal buildings can easily be moved to a new location.

U.S. Buildings steel structures and building systems offer prefab buildings that are 100% American made at our state-of-the-art facility. Each prefabricated steel building and metal building is made with precision standards from the finest heavy grade commercial steel available in the world.

We deliver thousands of prefabricated steel buildings around the world each year. U.S. Buildings steel framed buildings are thoroughly researched and rigorously tested by independent labs. With savings of up to 60% every discount building is pre engineered to meet or exceed building codes. U.S. Buildings metal steel buildings are Hurricane Rated! With U.S. Buildings you receive over 30 years of experience, 50 year warranty protection on pre engineered buildings and arch buildings and personalized service from our building consultants. When it comes to metal building supplies we have everything needed to make a steel building just right for you. Call now toll free 1-800-463-6062.

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Why We Are Better


The 7 Benefits of a U.S. Building

  1. Factory Direct
    • Our steel buildings are sold straight from the factory; there’s no middleman so we can pass the savings directly to the customer.
  2. Clearspan Design
    • Our steel buildings have no beams, posts or trusses creating a steel building with 100% useable space.
  3. Versatility
    • We have 5 steel building models to choose from to meet both the aesthetic and functional needs of any consumer.
    • Our steel buildings can be utilized for a multitude of projects ranging from a small backyard shop to a large airplane hangar.
    • We offer a variety of sizes that can be expanded even after your steel building is constructed.
    • Options include the ability to customize your own endwalls in order to save money and match your home or any other structure to compliment your existing surroundings.
  4. Easy Assembly
    • Our steel buildings can be assembled in an easy do-it-yourself three-step process.
  5. Durability
    • Our steel buildings are made from the finest heavy gauge, galvalume steel available in the world.
    • All U.S. Buildings' steel buildings are virtually maintenance free and come with a 50 year mill back warranty.
  6. Precision
    • The precise 9" overlap of our steel building arches places more steel at every critical connection, ensuring the best fitting arch system available.
    • Arches are double bolted creating a durable residential steel building that is virtually weather tight.
    • We use a high quality zinc chromate plated bolt with a neoprene washer for a virtually airtight seal.
  7. Efficiency
    • U.S. Buildings' steel buildings are improved for ventilation and airflow.
    • Every residential steel building can be easily insulated in order to lower heating costs.


 "We owe debt of appreciation to U.S. Building. You see, my wife and I are in our mid 70's and weren't sure we could build our dream workshop by ourselves. But we did!. Thanks to the help and guidance of the nice folks in the U.S. Buildings' customer service department."

B.K.- Canton, Ohio

 "We looked at a bunch of ads even checked some websites, U.S. Buildings was the best value for our money and had the best customer service policy by far."

S.P. Marietta Georgia

" These are some pictures of the damage resulting from the storms. As you can see, my building weathered the storms just fine."

D.C - Sebring Florida

 "Out here on the farm my day starts early and ends late. When I called U.S. Buildings' toll free 800 number it was late at night. They answered my call and most importantly, demonstrated the kind of service that made me feel comfortable with my purchase of a clearspan building right from the start."

T.M Wichita Falls, Texas

"I bought a new property and the garage space was quite limited. From the moment I called for more information until my building was delivered and erected, I was treated with professionalism. Now I have more than enough space for my cars and motorcycles. I could not go through another winter with my valuables unprotected. I wanted everyone to know what a great buying experience I had with U.S. Buildings."

V.P.-Six Mile, SC

"We had sustained winds of over 197 mph and gusts of 230 mph. The entire St.Bernard area has to be bulldozed because the houses are uninhabitable. The only thing standing strong is our U.S.Building. My wife said she would like to live in her U.S. Building because if it could stand up to KATRINA'S WRATH it could survive anything.These structures are amazing!"

T.A - St.Bernard, LA

Hurricane Ike blew through with some very strong winds and rain. Our building was not damaged at all.

K.W. - Galveston, TX

Our Family would like to praise U.S. Buildings. Our building withheld over 130mph winds and our whole family and six dogs were all in the building when the storm hit. Our roof was torn off from our house and barn. This structure saved our Family’s lives.

Hardin - Galveston, TX

Hurricane Ike was more powerful than any of us expected. My building is still standing strong and in perfect shape. Thanks U.S. Buildings.

M.S. -  Galveston, TX

My building suffered minimal damage even when a tree fell on it. It survived Hurricane Rita, Cindy, and Katrina with no damage. U.S. Buildings are a proven a Hurricane building. Hurricane Cindy caused my home and pulled roofs off of neighboring homes.

R.B. - Cut Off, LA

I am very proud of the building you sold me and I think the photo will indicate that it looks very nice.

B.V. - Mims, FL

Hi all. I am a lover of motorcycles ! I have had over 60 so far. I currently have sixteen, and your wonderful building is being used to restore protect and maintain several of them. 


I am pleased with mycompleted building, the quality of materials, the professionalism of the office staff and delivery truck driver.


 Ayou can see my building is not complete quite yet.  I still am considering adding another 8 or 10 feet to the length, so haven't put on a hangar door as yet. The hangar is currently 40 X 40, on a 40 X 50 slab.  The back wall (away from the taxi-way) is finished in Hardi-Plank and is still in primer.  The interior will be sheathed and the bathroom walls put up as soon as I have the time.


I am attaching some photos of the US Building project that is underway.  We purcahsed the building with the idea of converting it into a guest house.  As of last month the house was 99% complete, with only cosmetic work left to be done. 

Bruce C.

I am happy with my building. Thanks.

D.W. - Chandler, Arizona

I’m very pleased to be sending along these pictures of progress on my 25x36 building. Thank you.

J.S. - Crescent City. FL

Here is a few pictures of me and my friends private airport. Thanks.

C.R. - Colinga, CA

I am enjoying my new garage. It is a great building and a great value.

S.C. - Bronson, FL

R.L. - Dateland, AZ
L.C. - Kingman, AZ

My new U.S. Building looks great . . . and works just as I expected. 


We LOVE our building and we are happy with the services you provided!


I bought two of your buildings and erected one on a remote island in the southern Bahamas where I use it to store my boats and equipment. It it near the beach so I raised it 5' and it has already endured several bad storms and a pretty solid hurricane hit and is holding up well.

L.F. - Bahamas


Acid rain can be one of the most damaging elements to equipment, livestock, RVs, boats, antique cars and trucks. The precise 9" overlap of our steel building arches place more steel at every critical connection, ensuring the best fitting arch system available in the industry.

Each arch is double bolted, creating a durable residential steel building that is virtually weather tight. U.S. Buildings also uses a high quality zinc chromate plated bolt with a neoprene washer for a virtually airtight seal. Precision engineering and unmatched quality make your investment in a U.S. Building a lasting value.


U.S. Buildings meets all snowloads and keeps your valuable equipment, livestock, and cars out of sub-zero temperatures. No more scraping windows or having to brush off several feet of snow from your vehicles. With our optional insulation packages you can keep valuables even warmer and safer. Precision engineering and unmatched quality make your investment in a U.S.Building a lasting value.


U.S. Buildings meets all windloads throughout the country, no matter how stringent the code requirements may be in your area. Whether it is a local 70mph wind gust recommendation or a 150mph hurricane wind requirement, each U.S. Building is manufactured to not only match, but exceed even the most stringent codes. That is one of the main reasons U.S. Buildings was the first Arch Steel Building Company to receive Florida Product Approval.

Having received numerous letters from satisfied customers that their building stood up to some of the strongest hurricanes such as Katrina and Wilma, U.S. Buildings proves to be the right decision for any individual erecting a building in a hurricane zone. U.S. Buildings is always setting the standard for safety. Peace of mind should never be optional or secondary. Precision engineering and unmatched quality make your investment in a U.S.Building a lasting value.


Everyone is aware of the damaging effects the sun’s UV rays cause. The life of your equipment, the paint on your truck or antique car, and the interior of your boat or RV can be dramatically extended by keeping your valuable investments in a U.S. Building. RV owners, antique car owners and business owners all understand that protection from the sun equals an increased trade-in value and an increase in longevity of your prized possessions. Precision engineering and unmatched quality make your investment in a U.S. Building a lasting value and a great investment.

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